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Is this the end of Internet Explorer?

clip_image002Microsoft has announced that its iconic browser - Internet Explorer - will not be the main web browser when they launch the eagerly anticipated Windows 10, in a move that would appear to signal the end for the now 20 year old “IE”.

Microsoft has instead announced that a completely new browser, currently code-named “Project Spartan” will replace Internet Explorer as the main browser with the new operating system. Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Head of Marketing, told a conference this week that they are now researching “what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be”. However, Microsoft has also said that the browser will not disappear immediately and will still be available with some versions of Windows 10, so maybe it is not goodbye completely just yet.

Millions of computer users at risk from “Freak”

clip_image002At the end of last week, Microsoft issued a major security warning about a computer bug that has been named “Freak” and announced that it was working on a security update to tackle it.

Initially it was thought that only some users of Android and Blackberry phones were at risk, along with users of Apple’s Safari web browser, but it was later discovered that in fact millions of computer users are at risk.