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Which internet browser is best for you?

clip_image002For most people, opening an internet browser is a case of double clicking on the icon we are most familiar with. Internet browsers are applications that translate website code, allowing users to easily navigate and gather information throughout this vast global resource. Today, the internet plays a massive role in modern life and the right browser could help you make the most of your time and increase productivity.

Google Chrome is one of the top ranking browsers as users who already utilise a number of Google’s tools can seamlessly integrate into this browser. Chrome comes with a variety of optional add-on apps found within the Chrome Store which can be used to enhance your browsing experience. HTML5 is the latest browsing code and Google Chrome is regarded to have the fastest loading speed of this latest coding development. Using Google Chrome will allow your business to benefit from a range of features including: cleaner code, improved video and audio playback and improved website interaction.

Tabbed browsing and security is the mainstay of Mozilla Firefox due to constant updates and by offering different ways of customising your browsing experience. Many of the features are similar to Google Chrome and its interface is intuitive to ensure it is accessible for new and advanced users.

The soon to be superseded Internet Explorer is the browser to use for all Microsoft fans. Microsoft adopted tabbed browsing in a similar way to other browsers while their styling is taken for their live tiles used in the latest version of Windows. When compared to Chrome and Firefox, there are less add-ons available for Internet Explorer reducing your options to customise your browsing experience.

Opera is one of the newest browsers available. It boasts a speedy experience and variety of add-ons to make it a real rival to the main three Windows PC browsers. Its tabbed browsing is very similar to Firefox and Chrome and is closer to Internet Explorer in terms of appearance. If your business is subject to slow internet connection speeds then you will likely benefit from its Turbo mode which speeds up page loading by compressing pages up to 80%.

Even if you are happy with your current favourite browser you might find one that is faster and more secure. We do not know if Spartan in Windows 10 will rival what is currently available but at the moment all browsers allow you to bookmark your favourite sites, browse with tabs and customise your browsing experience.

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