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Nearly half of all global login attempts are made by hackers

nearly half of all global login attempts are made by hackersThe content delivery network Akamai has claimed that 43% of all online login attempts are performed by cyber criminals attempting to compromise accounts of businesses and corporations.

A recent report from Akamai has revealed that almost half of all online log in attempts are “malicious”. In its report ‘Q4 2017 State of the Internet/Security report’ the company provided research that claims an overwhelming number of log in requests are “attempts to log in to an account using password guessing software or account details gathered from elsewhere on the internet. However, other sources such as The Register have suggested the real figure could be even higher.

Also known as ‘credential abuse’, the report goes on to confirm that the most attacked industries are hospitality (82% of attempts), high tech (57%) and retail (36%) businesses with airlines, hotels, resorts and travel agencies being the most targeted types of businesses. If an account is successfully breached, then important business information can be harvested and then find its way on to the so-called ‘dark web’ where it can be sold-on to criminal agencies.

In terms of action that can be taken, Akamai suggests that responsibility should be shared. It is important not only for businesses to ensure that they have comprehensive internet security systems and procedures in place but also for website operators to further enhance their log-in portal protocols. They also recommend that businesses stay up to date with the latest patches as many attacks could have been prevented had businesses taken the time to update their systems with the latest fixes.

Here at ECL we have extensive experience in protecting businesses against the latest computer hacks, viruses, malware, spam, phishing scams and other threats and can advise you on the best methods of protecting your business. We can also help businesses to upgrade and run the latest and most secure versions of operating systems. For more information, please call us on 01268 575300 or email us on info@ecl.co.uk.

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