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5 Windows 10 features that can help secure your business

computer-914546_1920With Windows 10's Anniversary Update imminent, all the signs suggest security tools will be expanding. But what are some of the security features that are already proving to be popular?

options
Windows 10 has enhanced passwords with PIN entry and a new 'Picture' password included.

Alongside the traditional word-based & PIN options, 'Picture' passwords are a brand new feature.

The 'Picture' password is akin to the 'Pattern Lock' on Android phones which asks users to swipe their finger to register a specific pattern.

It asks the user to select a photo and then draw a pattern on top of it. For example, on a photo of your house you might be asked to swipe from the letterbox to the chimney.

SmartScreen prevents you from surfing your way into murky water. It acts a safeguard to stop you accessing dangerous websites. On Windows 10, SmartScreen also runs a check when you download a file, from say Dropbox or Google Drive. Smart.

Windows Defender
SmartScreen doesn't act alone and in Windows 10 you are also protected by the Windows Defender. Scanning files and offering real-time protection, it acts as your default anti-virus software.

One of the best ways to keep your business protected is to take a pro-active approach to patching. Every day new exploits get exposed by hackers and patches are created to tackle them. Windows 10 is more determined when it comes to prompting users to install patches. It also launches new patches continuously now, rather than only on Tuesdays.

Windows Firewall is quite formidable already but the latest update goes a step further. It applies security to not only incoming connections but also outgoing connections. That means you get a greater level of protection against data theft and leaks.

Windows 10 includes tools for identity, credential & storage protection - areas which are vulnerable for businesses of all sizes.

Here at ECL we help protect companies from viruses, spam and other IT related issues. We can also help you upgrade to Windows 10 with the least disruption to your business. To find out more please visit: www.computer-support-essex.co.uk or call us on 01268 575300.

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