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How to transform your workforce in one easy step

how to transform your workforce in one easy stepTechnology is rapidly changing the way that we work. From industry giants to young and hungry start-ups, modern devices, programs, tools, systems and support is enabling businesses to thrive in an ever-changing market place.

One of the biggest changes has come in the form of not only how we work but also the way we work. While many businesses have traditionally operated out of office-style set ups, following the usual 9-5, Monday to Friday shift patterns, over the past decade a radical shift has begun to take place.

Flexible working arrangements

Many industry leaders have begun to adopt flexible working arrangements, allowing employees to have a degree of say over how, where and when they work. This could involve working from home, working part-time hours, sharing jobs or having flexi-time arrangements that fit around their lifestyle and out-of-work commitments. Although many business owners have reservations about these non-traditional set-ups, the benefits begin to speak for themselves, with increased employee engagement and maximised performance just two of the benefits on offer to businesses willing to take a leap of faith.

Whether an employee is seeking a better work-life balance, is trying to work out their childcare arrangements, is a carer or has their own health problems, it is important that employees feel supported in order to not only keep them as loyal workers, but also to keep them motivated and engaged.

Staying connected

Flexible working is not without its hurdles though and one of the cornerstones of a successful arrangement is cloud technology. Cloud technology allows users to access data through internet connectivity rather than simply through their hard drive. This means that they can access important work-related files from home, in the airport, or hotel whilst on business or wherever else they require it. Furthermore, cloud computing also provides robust protection against data failure, or disasters such as fires and flooding at your offices as data is updated in real time.

Here at ECL we have our own ECL private cloud located in a highly secure UK datacentre. We offer online data backups, fully working replicas of your in-house systems as part of DR planning, virtualization of your existing elderly or unreliable systems, the option to run your existing VMware or HyperV virtual servers from our cloud, remote desktop access with fast upload speeds, a fully hosted virtual infrastructure and a committed and personal service.

For more information about what cloud computing can offer you please call us on 01268 575300 or email us on info@ecl.co.uk

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